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Quick Start

The Flagsmith Architecture is based around a server-side flag engine. This comes with a number of benefits, but it can increase latency, especially when the calls are being made from a location that is far from the EU; the location of our current API. It also provides a single point of failure in the event of an AWS region-wide outage.

The Edge API solves both of these issues. It provides a datastore and Edge compute API that is replicated across 8 AWS regions, with latency-based routing and global failover in the event of a region outage.

Our core Rules Engine has been factored out of our REST API. This allows us to use it as a dependency within both the Flagsmith API, but also within a set of Lambda functions that service SDK API calls. You can point your SDK clients to our global CDN which will serve your request using a Lambda function running in an AWS data-centre near your client. This is how we reduce latency!


The Edge API is only available with on our SaaS platform. It does not form part of our Open Source project.

Enabling the Edge API

Once you have had your Projects migrated to Edge, all you will need to do is point your SDK to a new Flagsmith Edge API URL at This domain points to our Edge CDN. That's it!

The easiest way to do this is to upgrade to the latest version of the Flagsmith SDK for your language.

Find more information about the Edge API.

Flagsmith REST API

Before running the application, you'll need to configure a database for the application. The steps to do this can be found in the following section entitled 'Databases'.

Find more information about the Flagsmith REST API.