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Flagsmith Client

The SDK client for PHP Flagsmith allows you to manage feature flags and remote config across multiple projects, environments and organisations.

The source code for the client is available on Github.

Installing VIA composer

composer require flagsmith/flagsmith-php-client


Retrieving feature flags for your project. For full documentation visit

use Flagsmith\Flagsmith;

$bt = new Flagsmith('H8YyJ3vxBaSFVfX229MUFU');

$flags = $bt->getFlags();
foreach ($flags as &$value) {

Available Options

Property Description Required Default Value
environment api key Defines which project environment you wish to get flags for. E.g. H8YyJ3vxBaSFVfX229MUFU Yes null
api url Defines the base URL for the Flagsmith API. Override this value if you are self hosting No

Available Functions

Property Description
getFlags() Trigger a manual fetch of the environment features, if a user is identified it will fetch their features
featureEnabled(key) Get the value of a particular feature e.g. bulletTrain.hasFeature("powerUserFeature") // true
featureEnabled(key, userId) Get the value of a particular feature for a user e.g. bulletTrain.hasFeature("powerUserFeature", 1234) // true
getValue(key) Get the value of a particular feature e.g. bulletTrain.getValue("font_size") // 10
getValue(key, userId) Get the value of a particular feature for a specificed user e.g. bulletTrain.getValue("font_size", 1234) // 15
setTrait(userId, key, value) Sets a trait for a particular user e.g. bulletTrain.setTrait(1234, "accepted_cookie_policy", true)
getTraits(userId) Gets all the traits for the Identity