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Deploying Flagsmith on AWS


We recommend running Flagsmith on AWS using the following AWS services:

  • ECS/Fargate for running the Docker images
  • RDS/Aurora/Postgres for the database
  • Application Load Balancer to distribute traffic


We recommend run 2 docker containers: one for the API and the other for the Dashboard Front End. See the Docker page for more information on how these relate to each other.

We run two ECS services, 1 for each container. We strongly recommend running the API with at least two Fargate instances running for failover. For more info on Fargate sizes, see our scaling page.

If you are using health-checks, make sure to use /health as the health-check endpoint for both the API and the Front End.


We run in production on PostgreSQL version 11; Aurora release 3.x.

Application Load Balancer

We direct all traffic through an AWS ALB to the relevant ECS service. We run with two domains: