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The Flagsmith REST API

Flagsmith is built around a client/server architecture. The REST API server is accessible from SDK clients as well as the administration front end. This decoupling means that you can programmatically access the entire API if you wish.

You can view the current REST API via Swagger at


There are two main types of API access:

  1. Publicly accessible endpoints (such as those consumed by the client SDKs). These simply require an environment key in the HTTP header.
  2. Private endpoints that require a secure token to access.

Public Endpoints#

Every time you create a new Project Environment, an environment API key is automatically generated for you. This is all you need to pass in to get access to Flags etc.

curl '' -H 'x-environment-key: <ENVIRONMENT KEY>'

Private Endpoints#

You can also do things like create new flags, environments, toggle flags or indeed anything that is possible from the administrative front end via the API.

To authenticate, get a token by logging in with an account credentials:

curl '' \    -H 'content-type: application/json' \    --data-binary '{"email":"<ACCOUNT EMAIL ADDRESS>","password":"<ACCOUNT PASSWORD>"}'
{"key":"<KEY HASH>"}

Then use this token for subsequent requests. For example, to create a new environment:

curl '' \    -H 'content-type: application/json' \    -H 'authorization: Token <TOKEN FROM PREVIOUS STEP>' \    --data-binary '{"name":"New Environment","project":"<Project ID>"}'

You can find a complete list of endpoints via the Swagger REST API at