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Staged Feature Rollouts

What are Staged Feature Rollouts#

Staged Feature Rollouts allow you to test a new feature with a small subset of your user base. If you are happy with the feature, you can increase the percentage of users that see the feature until it is available to your entire user base.

This method can increase your confidence in rolling out a new feature. If there are issues with the rollout, you can simply disable the Feature Flag, thus hiding the feature within your application.

Creating Staged Rollouts#

You can achieve staged rollouts by creating a Segment and adding a rule defined with the "% Split" condition. Specifying a "% Split" value between 1 and 100 then defines what percentage of your user base are included within this Segment.

Once you have created the Segment, you can then go ahead and connect it up to a Feature Flag as per regular Segments.

Note that you can include the "% Split" rule alongside other Segment rules if you wish.

How does it work#

Every Identity/Segment combination is combined and then hashed, and a floating point value between 0.0 and 1.0 is generated from this hash. This value is then evaluated against the "% Split" rule.