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You can integrate Flagsmith with Grafana. Send flag change events from Flagsmith into Grafana as annotations.

The video below will walk you through the steps of adding the integration:

Integration Setup

Log into Grafana and generate a Service Account Key:

  1. Navigate to Administration > Users and access > Service accounts
  2. Add Service Account
  3. Change the Role selection to "Annotation Writer" or "Editor".
  4. Click on Add service account token and make a note of the generated token.

In Flagsmith:

  1. Navigate to Integrations, then add the Grafana integration.
  2. Enter the URL for your web interface of your Grafana installation. For example,
  3. Paste the service account token you created in Grafana to Service account token field.
  4. Click Save.

Flag change events will now be sent to Grafana as Organisation Level Annotations.

You can view the annotations in your Grafana dashboards but going to Dashboard Settings > Annotations, selecting the Grafana data source and then filtering on annotations that are tagged with the flagsmith tag.

Annotations reporting feature-specific events include the project tag and Flagsmith user-defined tags, and flag change events include the environment tag as well.