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You can integrate Flagsmith with Terraform. Use our Terraform provider to drive flag management as part of your Infrastructure as Code tooling.


You can find the latest Hashicorp docs for using the Flagsmith provider here.

The process is as follows:


Terraform API Key:

In order to configure the Flagsmith Terraform provider we are going to need an API key. To generate that head over to the Organisation Settings page, and click on Create Terraform API Key.


Organisation Administrator permission is required to generate Terraform API Key.

Using the Flagsmith Terraform Provider

Once you have the Terraform Provider key you can go ahead and create a Terraform config file, which will look something like this:

terraform {
required_providers {
flagsmith = {
source = "Flagsmith/flagsmith"
version = "0.1.0" # or whatever the latest version is

provider "flagsmith" {
# or omit this for master_api_key to be read from environment variable
master_api_key = "<Your Terraform API Key>"

# the feature that you want to manage
resource "flagsmith_flag" "feature_1_prod" {
enabled = false
environment_key = "some_enviroment_key"
feature_name = "test_feature"
feature_state_value = {
type = "unicode"
string_value = "I_am_a_test_feature"


To bring a Flagsmith feature into Terraform (and start tracking it's state) you can go ahead and import it.

Once that is done, you can just simply update its value (i.e: feature_state_value or enabled) and do terraform apply to apply those changes.