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Django Admin

Since the application is built using Django, it benefits from the django admin pages. Flagsmith is built to utilise the Django admin site for certain aspects of the platform. If you are self hosting, you may find it useful to access these pages at certain times.


The admin pages are only available to uses that are designated as 'super users'. This can only be done when first setting up the platform or via the database. If you're just starting out, you can follow the instructions here, otherwise, you need to set the is_staff and is_superuser flags against any of the users in your database.

Once you have a user, you can access the django admin pages at /admin/. You will be prompted to log in with the credentials of any of your super users.


If the login page is only showing the option to 'Log in using SSO' then you may need to set the ENABLE_ADMIN_ACCESS_USER_PASS environment variable. See this list for more information.

Admin Pages


The key pages that one might want to access are the ones that configuration organisations on the platform. From the home page of the admin, you'll see an link to Organisations about halfway down the page. From here, you can manage the organisations on your platform as required. For example, SAML configuration data must be set via these pages.