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Sizing and Scaling


Flagsmith has a very simple architecture, making it well understood when it comes to serving high loads.

Frontend Dashboard

Generally this component is not put under any sort of significant load. It can be load balanced if required. It does not require sticky-sessions.


The API is completely stateless. This means it can scale out behind a load balancer almost perfectly. As an example, when running on AWS ECS/Fargate we run with:

  • cpu=1024
  • memory=2048

In terms of auto scaling, we recommend basing the autoscaling off the ECSServiceAverageCPUUtilization metric, with a target_value of 50 and a 30 second cool-down timeout.


Our recommendation is to first scale the database up with a more powerful single server.

Once the database connections have been saturated by the API cluster, adding read replicas to the database solves the next bottleneck of database connections.

We would also recommend testing pgBouncer in your environment as it generally optimises database connections and reduces the load on the database.