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Deploying Flagsmith on Google Cloud


We recommend running Flagsmith on Google Cloud Platform using the following services:

Cloud Run

Unless you have specific requirements, we recommend running the unified Docker image.

It's best to study our docker-compose file in order to set up the base environment variables. Further environment variables are described here.

Run a single Cloud Run service with at least two container instances running for failover. For more info on sizing, see our scaling page. We recommend running with at least 2 minimum instances to avoid cold starts particularly in order to serve low-latency requests to the SDKs.

If you are using health-checks, make sure to use /health as the health-check endpoint for both the API and the Front End.

Cloud SQL/Postgres

We support Postgres versions 11+. Our SaaS platform runs in production on PostgreSQL version 11. When starting for the first time, the application will create that database schema automatically. Schema upgrades will also happen seamlessly during application server upgrades.