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Flagsmith Frontend

Getting Started#

These instructions will get you a copy of the project front end up and running on your local machine for development and testing purposes. See running in production for notes on how to deploy the project on a live system.


What things you need to install the software and how to install them

LocationSuggested Version
NodeJS>= 6.0.0
npm>= 4.0.0


cd frontendnpm i

Running the Front End#


Hot reloading for client / server

cd frontendnpm run dev


You can deploy this application on Heroku and Dokku without making any changes, other than the API URL in '/frontend/env/project_prod.js'

Bundles, minifies and cache busts the project to a build folder and runs node in production. This can be used as part of your deployment script.

cd frontendnpm run bundlenpm start

Environment Variables#

Variables that differ per environment are exported globally to window.Project in 'frontend/common/project.js', this file gets replaced by a project.js located in 'frontend/env' by webpack based on what is set to the "ENV" environment variable (e.g. ENV=prod).

You can override each variable individually or add more by editing 'frontend/bin/env.js'.

Current variables used between 'frontend/environment.js' and 'frontend/common/project.js':

  • API_URL: The API to hit for requests. E.g.
  • FLAGSMITH: The flagsmith environment key we use to manage features - Flagsmith runs on Flagsmith.
  • FLAGSMITH_CLIENT_API: The api which the flagsmith client should communicate with. Flagsmith runs on flagsmith. E.g.
  • DISABLE_INFLUXDB_FEATURES: Disables any features that rely on influxdb. API Usage charts, flag analytics. E.g. DISABLE_INFLUXDB_FEATURES=1.
  • FLAGSMITH_ANALYTICS: Determines if the flagsmith sdk should send usage analytics, if you want to disable analytics don't set this. E.g. true.
  • PROXY_API_URL: Proxies the API via this application. Set this to the hostname of the API being proxied. Proxies /api/v1/ through to PROXY_API_URL. If you are using this, any setting to API_URL will be ignored and the browser will use the front end node server to send API requests. Do not prepend api/v1/ - it will be added automatically.
  • GA: Google analytics key
  • CRISP_CHAT: Crisp Chat widget key
  • PREVENT_SIGNUP: Determines whether to prevent manual signup without invite. Set it to any value to disable signups.
  • MAINTENANCE: Puts the site into maintenance mode. Set it to any value to disable signups.
  • AMPLITUDE: The Amplitude key to use for behaviour tracking.
  • MIXPANEL: Mixpanel analytics key to use for behaviour tracking.
  • SENTRY: Sentry key for error reporting.
  • ASSET_URL: Used for replacing local static paths with a cdn, .e.g Defaults to /, i.e. no CDN.
  • BASENAME: Used for specifying a base url path that's ignored during routing if serving from a subdirectory

E2E testing#

This project uses Nightwatch for automated end to end testing with Chromedriver.

npm test

Built With#

  • React
  • Webpack
  • Node

Running locally against your own Flagsmith API instance#

We use Flagsmith to manage features we rollout, if you are using your own Flagsmith environment (i.e. by editing project_x.js-> flagsmith) then you will need to have a replica of our flags.

A list of the flags and remote config we're currently using in production can be found here.


Please read for details on our code of conduct, and the process for submitting pull requests to us.

Getting Help#

If you encounter a bug or feature request we would like to hear about it. Before you submit an issue please search existing issues in order to prevent duplicates.